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Blog | Rescue Dog Adoptions

Obesity in Dogs

Obese brown dog laying in tall green grass

Like their human companions, dogs are facing an epidemic of obesity. As a pet owner, I know what it is like to have an overweight pet and the impact on my wallet. I have a diabetic cat to whom I give two shots of insulin a day plus a periodic trip to the veterinarian’s office […]

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Choosing a Dog


Choosing the right dog for you is no small matter. The right dog will give you a new, loving, life-long companion. Selecting a new dog is part of the planning process whether adopting or buying a dog. Planning for a new dog covers many things to take into consideration. For instance, the biggest question to ask yourself is why do […]

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Dog Supplies Online

Dog supplies for the new dog in your life

An essential part of bringing a new dog home is having the basic items ready for your new family member.  Dog supplies can be broken down into two categories, consumable and durable. From our past experiences with new dogs, new owners can go crazy buying stuff for their new dogs and puppies. And you will find […]

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Best Homemade Dog Food

Fresh ingredients make quality homemade dog food recipes

We made the decision to make our own homemade dog food for Coco, our rescue dog. When she came to our house, she came with a goodie bag including a bag of dry Orijen dog food. Knowing that Coco is a senior dog, I researched information about what old dogs should eat. We wanted her to have a […]

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Adopting a Rescue Dog

Coco, a senior rescue dog, sitting on the floor looking up at her foster mom.

Adopting a Rescue DogThere are many ways people choose a new family dog. Some may search the local newspaper for breeder advertisements selling new puppies. Others find breeders via listings on the internet. And still more may buy a puppy from a local pet store. The best method, being helpful to society in general, is to adopt […]

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10 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Rescue Dog

Happy small white dog being petted while lying on a sofa.

10 Awesome Reasons to Adopt a Rescue DogThe other day I was sitting in the local animal clinic waiting to have my cat get her annual immunization shot.I could hear a dog barking like crazy from somewhere in the back of the clinic.My thoughts were the dog was not happy or wanted to be there.Sheepishly, […]

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